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Sexual point of view, co-action on sharing. full swap, soft swap and threesome is a very sub-group and double-general reference, advice or talk to an agreement Style * hotel, bar ... etc. are together. As of the moment in our country with a large number of spouses were located, but they live in Turkey and in privacy is at the forefront of the activities usually are located abroad. But now, even in small towns, and even a lot of istanbul ankara izmir are meeting. Internet environments typically encountered them also, / from sites such as dating or, very important principles are situated and friendly, even if the remaining pairs Swinger couples who want to try the lifestyle of each other as co-head structure primarily as ladies men usually request uymaldırılar Women are men, their wives are not sure that these requests güvenemediklerinden and later to try to swing will not look so hot yourself before you rate the overall social environment, the test should be pleasurable etmelisniz level of jealousy can get the first one between you and that person will be boys will be generally clean and neat women request-type performance It is recommended, but not one of the very handsome or beautiful selections ilerletebilrsiniz expands social life in later periods. Alright already open to start a relationship with a live swing the other. Swinger lifestyle may stop or the back of the relationship may be tarzıda. I definitely belirtmeliyizki Eastern culture and a way of life away from the Turkish culture. bless you


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