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Massage list for your wife if you need to statement contact me with .


Swedish massage

The Swedish massage is known for increasing circulation, relieving muscle pain and tension, and reducing stress. This style of massage is highly recommended for those receiving their first massage.

deep tissue techniques

A Deep Tissue massage is normally requested by those who receive massages frequently. This is a deeper, firmer massage that incorporates Swedish movements and Deep
Tissue techniques to affect the release of recurring muscle tension


Start by relaxing in an Aromatherapy Whirlpool Bath for 20 minutes, then receive side-by-side massages in your spacious massage room for two. ( if you want while you are watching your wife getting massaged. You can give orders to the therapist.)

Bachelorette massage FOR HER
(A 2 hour massage with hot stones and you can give directions to the therapist ) for €150 + inculde
Tantric massage or Erotic massage can be therapeutic, deep or light, sensual or erotic, an exchange of energy....